Indonesia is the world’s second largest exporter of stainless steel

01 June 2021 12:06

Indonesia has evolved from a country only importing stainless steel in the past to the second largest stainless steel exporter in the world.

Indonesia received a lot of investment because Indonesia supported foreign-invested companies to build factories and protect the interests of foreign investors.

It was reported that Indonesia will continue to advance downstream nickel industries, from an intermediate stainless steel producer to a manufacturer of battery materials for electric vehicles, and will leave battery raw materials, which were originally exported in large quantities, to Indonesia for recycling. into products with higher added value.

According to other sources, China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) and South Korea’s LG Chem were planning to build a battery factory in Indonesia this August. If the plan is successful, Indonesia will be able to produce raw materials for lithium batteries.

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01 June 2021 12:06