Design, construction, and reconstruction of food processing plants


From a small brewery to a giant factory

Design, construction and reconstruction of factories

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Engineers – designers promptly create competent technological projects according to the individual wishes of each customer, taking into account international requirements and standards. Specialists in automation systems will help you bring the automation of the production process to a qualitatively new level, minimizing the influence of the human factor. The engineering services of our company are carried out by specialists with vast experience.


Our company is a leader in the manufacture of complex stainless steel products for many industries. Stainless steel products are more reliable than other metals.


The company “UBC-Armatura” provides a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of equipment and systems at industrial enterprises. We keep your businesses productive.

Supply of components

UBC-Armatura provides supplies of stainless steel equipment, fittings and pipes. There are more than 2500 items of goods in constant stock.


We carry out installation work, commissioning tests. Technical support of any complexity.



Today, the growth and development of the company are the results of the efforts of the highly qualified engineering and technical personnel of the company.

About company

"UBC-Armatura" the leading CIS engineering company in the food and processing industry. Engaged in the design and installation of equipment and technical processes. UBC-Armature is one of the business areas of UBC GROUP.

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items of goods in constant availability in the warehouse

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KIESELMANN - For over eighty years, Kieselmann has achieved a leading position in the manufacture of stainless steel equipment and modules for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as for biotechnology. Today the group operates in several business segments, each of which complements each other. Kieselmann's components and valves, as well as control and monitoring elements, have their place in the food processing segment. The founder of the company was Paul Kieselmann, who opened a fitting workshop in 1937. Kieselmann's products and services are supplied all over the world, including China and India. Today the company has more than 25 offices around the world.

Ilta Inox

Ilta Inox is one of the leading European companies in the production of welded stainless steel pipes, where it has been successfully operating for over fifty years. The company has a strong position in the market and offers its products mainly in the highly qualified sectors of the thermal equipment, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.


Endress + Hauser is one of the international leaders in instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial processes. We provide complete solutions for flow, level, pressure, temperature, fluid analysis, data logging and digital communications that help our customers optimize the cost-effectiveness, safety and environmental friendliness of their processes. Our customers can be found in almost all industries, including chemical, food, pharmaceutical, energy, mining, oil and gas, and water and wastewater.

Siemens AG

Siemens AG is a global technology hub connecting the digital and physical worlds for the benefit of customers and society. The company specializes in smart infrastructure for buildings and decentralized energy systems, automation and digitalization in the manufacturing and manufacturing industries, as well as smart mobile solutions for rail and road transport. The founder of the company was Paul Kieselmann, who opened a fitting workshop in 1937. Kieselmann's products and services are supplied all over the world, including China and India. Today the company has more than 25 offices around the world.

Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is a Swedish company founded in 1883 that manufactures and develops equipment and technologies designed to improve the efficiency of production processes. The equipment supplied by the company provides heating, artificial cooling, separation, centrifugation, separation and transportation of products in enterprises engaged in the production of food products, beverages, chemicals and petroleum products, medicines, starch, sugar, ethyl alcohol, etc. Alfa Laval heat exchangers are used in systems heat and cold supply, ventilation, air conditioning, technological processes of industrial enterprises. www.alfalaval.ua

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric's goal is to empower everyone make the most of our energy and resources, achieving progress and sustainability for all.


The company "Niob-Fluid" is a Czech manufacturer of fittings from various grades of stainless steel for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The production of food fittings was launched already in 1992, and by now the company has already become a well-known manufacturer of direct and three-way stop valves with manual, pneumatic or electric control, as well as food fittings, ball valves, hatches and covers, sampling cocks, check valves, filters , vacuum valves, butterfly valves and other stainless steel products. A significant percentage of the production is exported, in particular to the countries of Eastern Europe, on a long-term basis the company also cooperates with partners in Germany, Italy and France.

Rohrbogen AG

Rohrbogen AG - was founded in 1936 by Hans Schaffner. The Founding Visionary had previously received a special license. This allowed him to produce seamless elbows in Switzerland using the cold bending method. This business was successful from the very beginning. In the first year of work, the staff was 14 people. Today Rohrbogen AG employs over 90 people at home and abroad. Most of our special machines and manufacturing processes have been developed and optimized by us. The hot presses, commissioned in the 1950s, are designed by us. In the 1970s, hydroforming, also called IHU (internal high pressure forming), and pipe arc hydrosizing were added. This process was further developed in the 1990s and became hydro-bending. Even today, the special tools and gauges required for our production are produced in our own tool factory.

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